With miles of pipeline ready to be installed and equipped with a variety of dredges and multiple booster pumps to meet any challenge, Southwind can move onto a project and be ready to work within days.

Southwind can match equipment and pipe line length to deal with many different types of materials, including fly ash, silt, clay, sand, shell and gravel.

In addition to dredging, we have the knowledge and experience to build spoil containment areas. For beach restoration projects, we pump material to the proper elevation for the finished grade.

Southwind is environmentally aware and sets up to create little turbidity. When hazardous materials or turbidity are a concern, we utilize silt curtains and booms for added control and safety.

For projects such as sand dune restoration, dike construction, artificial reefs, and waste containment, Southwind combines dredging with geotextile tubes.