My location is remote.
Will that make my project especially difficult or expensive?
One of the advantages of working with Southwind is that we are the industry leader in mobility. With highly mobile equipment Southwind is able to reach remote locations quickly and efficiently. While remote locations add to expense, Southwind’s mobility and expertise minimize the cost.

What do you do to prevent accidents?
We start with extensive training, and utilize highly-experienced staff and crew. We put safety at the top of our concerns with a written safety and drug-testing policy, plus weekly toolbox safety meetings.

Do you have the equipment to meet specialized needs?
Southwind owns all of its equipment, and has stockpiled the tools to meet virtually any dredging and pumping need. We offer seven different dredges along with many booster pumps, dredge tenders, backhoes, and dozers to meet the exact needs of any project.

My project is small/large… will your dredge fit/handle it?
We have dredges from 6" mudcat dredges to 18" cutterheads, which provides a wide range of options for equipment selection to fill the project needs.

We can’t afford to miss our deadline. What’s your completion record?
We meet deadlines. With seven different dredges and experienced personnel to run the equipment, we have the right tools and people for the job.

How deep can a dredge dig?
All of our dredges have different digging depths. The smallest dredges can dig 15 feet deep, while the larger dredges can dig 45 feet deep. If it is a pond job we may be able to lower the water depth as dredging progresses to obtain the desired depth.

How far can you push the material in the pipeline?
Depending on the material type such as sand or silt, determines how far the dredge can pump the material. When the pumping distance exceeds the dredges capability we add booster pumps to pump the dredge material to remote locations. These pumping distances have been in excess of 6 miles away from the dredge site.